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 Application - Level 80 Holy Paladin

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PostSubject: Application - Level 80 Holy Paladin   Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:46 pm

Character Information:
Character Name: Párry
Class & Race: paladin/human
Professions: (What professions do you have and why did you choose those?) i have Mining (450) and Jewelcrafting (440), i chose Mining so i could farm for money and i chose Jewelcrafting so i could have the Gems (+27 intellect) so i can increase my Mana and my Spell power.
Desired Raiding Talent Spec: i am a holy paladin, but i am duel-specced retribution too so if i am needed as a DPS for raids i can do so, but i havent got tha good gear on retribution at the minute.
Required: Armory Profile link: (A link to your current raid gear)

Cross-realm applicant: (Yes/No) no
Have you applied with any other guilds on Runetotem at the same time as this application? If Yes - Who?: no
Previous Guilds: (Which guilds were you previously in?) Spawn of darkness and a couple of others but they are not raiding guilds (Sovereign Blades + Evolution)
Reasons for Leaving: (Why did you leave those guilds?) i left Spawn of darkness because they didnt do many raids at all at the time, and the other guilds because the leaders left them )
Raiding time is 19.45/23.00, is it ok for you?: (might happen to finish raids late, but it's rare) that is fine
Raiding days are Sunday to Thursday, how often can you raid? (days per week): i am on nearly every day so i should be able to go to most of them

System Information:
Connection Type: (What kind of connection do you have? Is it reliable?) it is quite reliable i really Disconnect, unless other people are using the internet aswell, which isnt often
TeamSpeak: (Do you have ventrilo installed?) yes
Microphone: (Do you have a microphone and do you use it?) yes i have a microphone, and yes i will use it when it is needed

WoW Experience:
PvE: (What is your previous PvE experience? TBC and pre-TBC) Karazhan Zul-Gurub Zul-Aman Gruuls lair (and many of the leveling ones such as Zul-furruk etc)
PvP: (What is your highest achieved rating? Do you enjoy PvP?) i dont have a arena rating, and i dont mind PvP but i much rather PvE
SoH: ( Are you exalted with Sons of Hodir?) no

Additional Questions:
Age: (How old are you?) 16 years old
Country: (Which country do you live in?) Wales
References: (Do you know anyone in madness?) Conflikt
Reasoning for Joining: (Why do you want to join Madness?) my reasons for joining Madness is so can join a good raiding guild and so im not doing PuG's
Expectations: (What do you expect fromMadness ?) people to turn up on time for a raid if they have signed up to go
Enjoying your class: (Do you enjoy your class?) yes i love my class and i am currently leveling a druid (level 40 at the minute) but working on it
Tolerance Level: (Are you tolerant of others, are you able to take criticism?) yes
Additional Information: (Anything else you would like to inform the officer team of?) no thanks
Activity: (How often can you join our raids?) most of the time
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PostSubject: Acceptet   Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:52 pm

Application acceptet

i will contact u ingame
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Application - Level 80 Holy Paladin
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