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 Application 80 Mage 8-7-09

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PostSubject: Application 80 Mage 8-7-09   Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:18 pm

Character Information:
Character Name: Arrig
Class & Race: Mage - Gnome
Professions: I have tailoring and enchanting. I've had these for a long time, but I am thinking about changing my tailoring because the benefits are small.
Desired Raiding Talent Spec: I find that arcane is the most fun spec to play around with, but in Ulduar this spec might not be as desired and I am willing to change if a Class leader/Officer ask me to.
Required: Armory Profile link:
Ps. Dual spec

Cross-realm applicant: No
Have you applied with any other guilds on Runetotem at the same time as this application? If Yes - Who?: No
Previous Guilds: I've been in some non-endgame guilds and <Genesis> in TBC.
Reasons for Leaving: I wanted to take a break from WoW a while back when 2.4 came.
Raiding time is 19.45/23.00, is it ok for you?: This is fine, but a later raid time will also be rare for me (might happen to finish raids late, but it's rare)
Raiding days are Sunday to Thursday, how often can you raid? (days per week): Normally 2-3 days a week

System Information:
Connection Type: (What kind of connection do you have? Is it reliable?) 4 Mbit/s
TeamSpeak: (Do you have Teamspeak installed?) Yes
Microphone: (Do you have a microphone and do you use it?) I have a bad one, but I will only use it if it is necessary (I am not aiming to be leading any raids at the moment)

WoW Experience:
PvE: (What is your previous PvE experience? TBC and pre-TBC): I've run Kara, Gruuls and some of the bosses in SSC and TK

PvP: (What is your highest achieved rating? Do you enjoy PvP?) I have tried Pvp on my mage, but it has never suited me. If I go, it is mostly some BGs once in a while.
SoH: ( Are you exalted with Sons of Hodir?) Yes, aswell as Kirin Tor for head enchant.

Additional Questions:
Age: (How old are you?) 17
Country: (Which country do you live in?) Norway
References: (Do you know anyone in madness?) Not really
Reasoning for Joining: (Why do you want to join Madness?) I want a raiding guild that I hope will be a friendly one.
Expectations: (What do you expect fromMadness ?) A friendly guild that will get progress in raids without being too demanding.
Enjoying your class: (Do you enjoy your class?) In PvE I like it very much, but in pvp I like to be a moving target.
Tolerance Level: (Are you tolerant of others, are you able to take criticism?) I must say I hate whiners and smartasses and I probably will get smart if someone gets on my nerves, but am I asked to leave it, I will.
Additional Information: (Anything else you would like to inform the officer team of?) Not really
Activity: (How often can you join our raids?) Smile 2-3 days a week, normally.

Yours Faithfully
(Couldn't help myself)
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PostSubject: Application acceptet   Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:25 pm

Application acceptet

i will contact u ingame
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Application 80 Mage 8-7-09
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