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 Application copy

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PostSubject: Application copy   Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:48 pm

Please use the following template for your application and feel free to add any additional information you feel madness should know about you.

Please delete the text in brackets when you apply, its simply there to help you understand the questions!!

Character Information:
Character Name:
Class & Race:
Professions: (What professions do you have and why did you choose those?)
Desired Raiding Talent Spec:( tell us what spec u wanna raid whit )
Required: Armory Profile link: ( link you´r Amory gear profile here )

Cross-realm applicant: (Yes/No)
Have you applied with any other guilds on Runetotem at the same time as this application? If Yes - Who?:
Previous Guilds: (Which guilds were you previously in?)
Reasons for Leaving: (Why did you leave those guilds?)
Raiding time is 19.45/23.00, is it ok for you?: (might happen to finish raids late, but it's rare)
Raiding days are Wednesday to Tuesday, how often can you raid? (days per week):

System Information:
Connection Type: (What kind of connection do you have? Is it reliable?)
TeamSpeak: (Do you have Teamspeak installed?)
Microphone: (Do you have a microphone and do you use it?)

WoW Experience:
PvE: (What is your previous PvE experience? TBC and pre-TBC)

PvP: (What is your highest achieved rating? Do you enjoy PvP?)
SoH: ( Are you exalted with Sons of Hodir?)

Additional Questions:
Age: (How old are you?)
Country: (Which country do you live in?)
References: (Do you know anyone in madness?)
Reasoning for Joining: (Why do you want to join Madness?)
Expectations: (What do you expect from Madness ?)
Enjoying your class: (Do you enjoy your class?)
Tolerance Level: (Are you tolerant of others, are you able to take criticism?)
Additional Information: (Anything else you would like to inform the officer team of?)
Activity: (How often can you join our raids?)
Options:(How big is the chance of you not being able to join a raid when u signed up?)

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Application copy
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